Name: 30 Days Legend Rank
Price: 5.00 EUR

Alle Features findest du ebenfalls in unserem Discord im #ränge Channel auf Deutsch aufgelistet.

With the purchase of the Legend rank you support Flowtex and receive the following advantages for 30 days:

Network wide:

Every feature the Ultra rank has +
➤ Your NAME has a WHITE COLOR on the server
➤ You can write COLORED in the CHAT
➤ You get access to the START function of MINIGAMES (/start)
➤ In PRACTICE you can choose a kit every two hours (/p forcekit)
➤ You get access to the NICK SYSTEM (/nick)
➤ You get access to the JOINME FEATURE (/joinme) every 10 minutes
➤ You get access to 15, EXCLUSIVE Premium / Ultra / Legend KILL SOUNDS
➤ You get access to 11 EXCLUSIVE Premium / Ultra / Legend KILL EFFECTS
➤ You get MORE COINS for kills (MAX. BOOSTER)
➤ Your VOTES in the scenario voting count TRIPLE
➤ You get access to THREE, exclusive Premium / Ultra / Legend boots in the hub
➤ You will receive FOURFOLD (4x!) Coins and 2 LOTTERY TICKETS with the daily reward
➤ You will receive the LEGEND RANK on our TEAMSPEAK³ and DISCORD server
➤ You get ACCESS to the exclusive LEGEND AREA on our Teamspeak³ and to the exclusive VIP CHANNEL on our Discord
➤ You can invite up to 10 members to your party (/party) and have up to 300 friends (/friend)
➤ You have access to 7 multipliers in the Cookie Shop
➤ You'll once receive 10 lottery tickets, 5 chests and 7,500 coins
➤ You will receive 5 hosting tickets once (with hosting tickets you can HOST your own EVENTS)


Every feature the Ultra rank has +

4 rows for the backpack (/bp)
30% more money at paycheck (/paycheck)
➤ Legend robbery backpack (you can take additional $ 1500 per robbery)
Full nitro and jetpack boost with purchase once
➤ You will be notified one minute before all other players when a robbery opens
80 crystals one time gift
$ 25,000 one time payment

The Legend rank can only be bought here.
Refunds or transfers from ranks are not possible.